Dillon and Allison are amazing therapists. They are empathetic and invested in their clients. Combined, they have a wealth of experience in a variety of areas that make them an excellent team well-versed in almost all challenges you might experience as an individual seeking services. I highly recommend their services to anyone who finds him or herself in need of support or guidance with life challenges.
— Ryan Fontaine

Dillon and Allison are a fantastic duo. I had the privilege of working with them as coworkers in Germany. They are both warm, caring and competent therapists who put their clients first. They respect their clients’ privacy while also working as a team with other mental health professionals when managing a crisis. Balance and boundaries mark their work, as does their passion for helping others find healing.
— Emilie Reed
I’ve worked with and known Dillon and Allison for over a dozen years. Anyone can feel comfortable around them and recognize their eagerness to help as well as their gifted healing nature. I’m thankful they are following their calling as contributing members of our professional therapeutic community.
— Nicholas Clescere
I’ve known and worked closely with Dillon and Allison for the past 6 years. They are utmost professionals, really know how to get to the heart of what a person is needing to work on, and provide compassionate and understanding support along the way. You won’t find better online counselors than these two. They really understand adolescent issues and the challenges of expatriate life. I heartily endorse!
— Jason Kuttner
Blue sky therapists are kind, genuine professionals that will help you through whatever life challenges you’re going through. I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a great therapist!
— Lori Lauridsen
Great clinicians! Knowledgeable, experienced, and very personable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
— Kaylee Vance
Allison and Dillon make an excellent team! You’re sure to get the quality of service you’re looking for at Blue Sky Therapeutic Services.
— Lauren Marshall
Great combination of competence and compassion, I would refer anyone looking for quality clinical services to Dillon and Allison.
— Evan Wraga
Very sound practice here, definitely recommended to anyone, especially those with teens
— James Koo
Expert mindfulness trainers! Genuinely caring and empathetic!
— Vyata Mungur