Blue Sky Therapeutic Services is a private pay practice. By being private pay, we are better able to tailor treatment to meet your specific needs. We are not encumbered by insurance company requirements to create a mental health diagnosis or limited to the number of sessions we can provide. We are also better able to maintain your confidential information as insurance companies mandate highly detailed updates on the status of treatment and often attempt to control the direction and timing of counseling.

Our Fee

Our fee is $130 per 50 minute session.

We do not charge a higher fee for assessment sessions, as some therapists do, or change our fee for after hours or weekend sessions. The first session may extend past 50 minutes, however we do not charge for the extra time. 

We are considered Out Of Network Providers and are able to provide with you an Appointment Receipt/Superbill of services as well as summary of treatment if required by your insurance provider, although we cannot guarantee reimbursement.

We do have several sliding scale time-slots, however these times tend to fill up quickly.

Student, Elderly or Mental Health Counselor Rates may be available. 


Monday through Sunday 8:00am to 8:00pm

Due to being a solely online practice, we are freed up to provide our sessions at a broader range of hours and times. We have availability the traditional 8 to 5 workday as well as after work hours and weekends timeslots. Simply click the link to schedule a session with us and choose a session time on our digital calendar that works with your schedule. We will see you then.